After Tony's "F#$k Trump" tantrum, DeNiro get spanked by President Trump

Robert DeNiro, Hollywood's most infamous "one-trick-pony," hasn't made a good movie in years.  How many times can one watch the same guy deliver the same "tough guy" performance in EVERY SINGLE FILM.  That's why you have to be "in the mood" for DeNiro.  He's certainly not good enough to sit there and watch him throw epithets at the President and everyone who voted for him.  He's just not that convincing.

Robert DeNiro, Hollywood most infamous "one-trick-pony" hasn't made a good movie in years.  How many times can one watch the same guy deliver the same performance in EVERY SINGLE FILM.  That's why you have to be "in the mood for DeNiro."  He's certainly not good enough to sit there and watch him throw epithets at the President and everyone who voted for him.

It's the cheapest kind of laugh that one only goes for when they are gradually losing relevance and can't think of a better way to get attention than to smear the one person who is popular to smear.  Notice the "clapping seals"? DeNiro wouldn't be so crude at an NRA Convention.  After all, you rarely see a DeNiro movie where he isn't blowing someones head off with a fancy mobster gun.  

But Trump punched back, and the Covfefe is cascading down DeNiro's cheeks in a way he never expected.  (Italian mobster voice) "You mess with the bull, you get the horns."

I wouldn't be surprised if the top search on google today were "What is Robert DeNiro's IQ?"  Too bad for DeNiro.  The backlash has been electric.  Lifelong fans are tossing their DeNiro paraphernalia and saying goodbye to his movies.  No dyed in the wool American wants to watch his gangster movies while imagining DeNiro sucking his thumb in a safe space.

Slightly Offens*ve Man on the Street gets philosophical.

Slightly Offens*ve Elijah Schaffer, has stormed California with a brilliant, yet diabolical plan to defeat the Left; he asks them just the right questions in just the right order. Asking liberals the right questions is dangerous.  The right questions will short circuit the liberal mind by illustrating their contradictory thoughts; bursting blood vessels may ensue. 

The Socratic Method will get anyone to reveal much more than they want to. It shrinks the rhetorical loopholes that sophists use to justify irrational and violent beliefs; it's the mark of a true philosopher.  Slightly Offens*ve has taken his questions to the streets of LA.  I won't give anything away, but if you want to crush liberal sophistry, and possibly convince some liberals to not be completely insane, subscribe to his YouTube channel and learn from this guy! 


Slightly Offens*ve Elijah Schaffer joined me on an episode of The Disgruntled Millennial Podcast.

Interviews with political figures Joy Villa, An0maly, and Fleccas Talks at the March for Our Rights in LA.

If Leftists treated Leftists like they treat Conservatives...

For quite some time, Liberals have been trying to get rid of Roseanne Barr for the crime of thinking for herself.  They tried it with Kanye and it didn’t work. I suppose Kanye isn’t “white enough” to continue a sustained assault on his character as they have done to Roseanne and our fearless, media-melting President Trump.

In a fit of frantic virtue signaling, every mainstream media outlet and Hollywood A,B,C & D-Lister lambasted Roseanne as a racist bigot for pointing out that Valerie Jarret looks like her plastic surgeon went on a Planet of the Apes binge before he chopped her face up and put it back together....surgically.  

 Roseanne's Controversial / Benign Tweet

Roseanne's Controversial / Benign Tweet

There was also a reference to the Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist organization in which Valerie Jarret is intimately involved.  That part of the tweet is also true.  Leftists are focusing on the Planet of the Apes part of the tweet to distract from the fact that Obama had terrorist sympathizer in the top levels of government for 8 years.  That's another story entirely.

Roseannes off-color humor has been widely known for decades, and most well-known Hollywood comedians have made millions by telling racially-charged, controversial jokes.  The very best from Richard Pryor to George Carlin are guilty, by Leftist standards.  

Roseanne got the shaft because she is a famous outspoken Trump Supporter and therefore she is dangerous to the Lefts narrative.  Their plan: distract the public with charges of racism so no one focuses on the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood has intimate ties with Obama's tops government officials.

Therefore, Roseanne must be destroyed.

Ironically, Roseanne (like President Trump) identified as Democrat for most of her life.  It's only when their politically leanings moved slightly to the right, did Leftist begin the process of demonization and ostracization.

I don't believe the Tweet to be racially charged.  I believe she was referring to Valerie Jarret's mangled, Botox face.  The resemblance to Planet of the Apes is striking. Was it funny? Meh.  Was it true? Pretty much, especially the bit about the Muslim Brotherhood. Was it racist? That's a stretch.  Was it proof that Roseanne is a dyed in the wool bigot?  HELL NO.

 Valerie Jarret next to the Original Planet of the Apes.  The resemblance is amazing.

Valerie Jarret next to the Original Planet of the Apes.  The resemblance is amazing.

That being said, SO WHAT if the tweet was racially charged?  Let's not pretend that racism is beneath Leftists.  Leftists have no problem invoking White Privilege and White Supremacy.  They continue to blame the worlds problems on White Westerners.   Pretending that Hatred of White people isn't racism is a gross misuse of words.  Let's also not pretend that Leftists are too "moral" to use primate imagery to describe political opponents. 

 Bill Maher compares Trump to a primate.  His show was not canceled.

Bill Maher compares Trump to a primate.  His show was not canceled.

 Leftist have never been against using primate imagery to describe their political opponents

Leftist have never been against using primate imagery to describe their political opponents

That said, Rap music is partly defined by it's use of the word "Nigga" and Leftist comedians invoke Race ALL THE TIME.  The Lefts fake outrage and refusal to self-examine is all too indicative of a staggering hypocrisy.  Why not just cut to the chase and ban the Planet of the Apes franchise altogether? Better yet, why not remove all references to primates from Human Existence?


The reaction from the Left was as if Roseanne had done a photoshoot while holding a mock version of the Presidents bloody, decapitated head.  Yet when Kathy Griffin did exactly that, Leftists cheered "It's Free Speech," "It's modern art," "If you criticize Kathy Griffin, you're a sexist who wants to put women back in the kitchen."  "WAGE GAP! WAGE GAP! TRUMPS A SEXIST!"

 Kathy Griffin's Photoshoot with the President

Kathy Griffin's Photoshoot with the President

Just imagine the outrage if Roseanne had done a photoshoot with Obamas bloody decapitated head.  I imagine the outrage would have been the exactly same as with her Tweet:  Media pile-on, call her a racist, fake outrage and attempt to destroy her life.  

The Leftist inability to measure and temper their reactions in cases like this is exactly why the "Race Card" has lost it's potency.  Leftist are going ape-shit over a few alphanumeric characters on a Social Media App.  "Crying Race" over everything, even situations that have nothing to with Race, has backfired in a delicious way.  People are waking up to Leftist bully tactics and they're not impressed.

Double Standard

Did Conservatives claim that Kathy Griffin hates men, since Donald Trump happens to be a male? No.  That would be absurd.  So why do Leftist think Roseanne was being racist when she used primate imagery to describe a individual who happens to be black-ish and happens to resemble a Hollywood science fiction Primate?  The answer: they don't think Roseanne is Racist any more than they consider themselves racist.  Roseanne leans to the right, therefore she must be destroyed by any means necessary.

Since were on the subject of faux-outrage...let's play a little thought experiment.  From here on out, pretend I'm a Leftist as I describe these videos from other Comedians.  This ought to paint a pretty picture as to how Leftists mangle the truth by putting words in other peoples mouths.

Here we go:

George Carlin calls Black People "Niggers."

Hollywood Comedians say that ALL women are "repugnant hatchet faced bitches," "truck-stop transvestite whores," and that women should "kill themselves."

Trey Parker and Matt Stone:  Black People are "Spades" and "AIDS is a Gay Disease"

Louis CK calls Black people, "NIGGERS,"  Homosexuals, "FAGGOTS" and Women "CUNTS."

I think I've made my point.

David Hogg doesn't deserve our attention; but ridiculing him is just too fun!

Let's face it; he brought it on himself.

David Hogg, whose yearbook superlative is "Most Likely To Receive Multiple Wedgies Throughout Life," begged to be hoisted up the flagpole by hosting a "Die-In" at the Parkland Publix, no doubt a place where spoiled Parkland youths wouldn't usually be caught dead, as most Parkland youths shop Organic at Whole Foods with daddy's credit card.  

A "die-in" is yet another form of Leftist Flash Mob Protest that attempts to bully companies into financial submission, by blocking traffic and annoying customers.  In this case, they're blocking hungry shoppers from feeding their families (for a bunch of Globalist Proto-Commies, trying to starve people for "the common good" is a little on the nose, don't you think?)  Similar to Black Live Matter Riots, Women's March Mobs, Antifa Extravaganzas and March for Our Lives Hecklers, the die-in is a form of economic warfare.  Ironically, these children have never wanted for anything in their lives; certainly not for food and sustenance.  It's only fitting they'd stage their shenanigans at a grocery store.  Grocery stores marvelous hubs of unfettered Capitalism.

The sad part is the Publix, as a company, has participated in philanthropic endeavors for decades.  They participate in almost every worthy cause under the Sun and surprisingly donate to BOTH Liberal AND Conservative causes.  They are fair, balanced and have made food affordable to millions of Americans in the South Eastern Region decade after decade. As a result of David Hoggs ridiculous stunt, Publix is reevaluating it's extra-feduciary activities; all of them, even the Liberal ones.

Hogg, and the medias obsession with prepubescent children who think they know know to write policy, has sparked an onslaught of meme warfare and other bits of hilarity scattered throughout the web.  The Second Amendment isn't going anywhere, but if David Hoggs underwear come up missing, the first place one should look is up the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Flagpole.