Much Needed Clarification: The Free Market vs. Unions

The Free Market vs. Unions

November 1st, 2018

By Drew Ybarra

            This generation has fallen for the oldest lie in the collectivist handbook, that the workforce owns the product of their own labor. With this notion it leaves open the room for abuse not only from the misinformed employee, but also the employer as well. Putting to rest the ability and rewards of a free market practice. Through a series of State/ Government intervention, we see the rise of policies reflecting in the Marxist theory that an economic stance should be determined by to each according to one's abilities, to each according to one's needs. Sounds good right? You get only what you need, and work only according to your abilities. Everyone should be set and taken care of. Except whenever put into motion in an economic system (which is always radically uprooted and replaced forcefully) Marxist theory has always ended up with the state completely seizing the means of labor, production, and even personal liberties. This is achieved through the people willingly giving up their god given rights and means of protection while exercising their powers to the evil Capitalists by forming Organized Unions funded and backed by the state. Once the Unions have strong-armed the Private entity to do virtually whatever they want, this is when the state effectively seizes what it wants either by force or eliminating competition altogether. It is the same for these forced association Unions that are steadily trying to dominate the American economy. What is most noticeable is the growing support for this collective tool. Through indoctrination and mob mentality, Unions have been systematically burned into our social fabric of the workforce to feel “safe” and “protected” by the State against the dirty corporations exploiting the collective good. What everyone fails to explain is how these Unions operate and how they ultimately drive down productivity along with dissolving what's left of the consumer basis. Unions operate like that of cartels. More exactly, a Unions functions are beneficial to members at the expense of non-members making this exclusive power inherently all or none. Union members get above-market wages, only if they can convince the populace to not accept lower wages, in turn eliminating the supply of labor. This is a Union's primary purpose, which is why it can’t work unless it's forced while excluding competition altogether. Therefore it can't be beneficial to the “worker” unless Unionized. Another example of how Unions operate similarly to Cartels is the suppression of productivity. With this information, it is safe to say that through these actions, prices for goods to the consumer will rise. An example of this is mandating wage pay scales. When a business is forced to pay its employees more, it will raise the prices on goods naturally to level out to meet the stability of the economy. This is done purposely to adhere to the state for reliance and/ or compensation through insurance or funding. This is why there are so many left-leaning politicians who sponsor or donate heavily to Unions all across the world. With these blatant socialist actions, one can realize how it corrodes the fabric of our economic system while spreading their collective propaganda just to punish the Free Market. Individualism is slowly being diminished by the state-backed Unions and it directly affects our everyday lives. From the Post Office to Emergency Medical Services, Unions have their grip on the working class people. What Unions and the people have a problem with is profit itself. Profit, the entire reason and basis for voluntary trade among humans. When taking a step back through this revelation it seems that the underlying dilemma is the growing desire to abolish private property as a whole concept. This is the fundamental point of Marxism/ Communism. This is why Unions are socialist by nature. A unionization of the working people to overthrow the Private means of production. With the stance of doing what's best for the collective good, it ultimately destroys the collective good entirely. Well forcing itself upon you with a hand in your pocket, Unions are not meant for the well being of the Working people, instead, it uses the masses to gain a position of power over business itself. Free Market values are what will combat these motives. Not only through a voluntary basis of operations, but the privatization of business and production. What does it say about a system that obtains people with low positions either in a business or a country and promises them equal distributed wealth but never prevails? As opposed to a system that requires self-motivation and competition to better a product, and with great proof throughout history a better society. As it seems both through Unions and government, it is always an attractive idea to do good at someone else's expense.



The True Conservative Outlook on Proposition 11

September 28th, 2018

By Drew Ybarra

Screenshot 2018-09-29 at 12.41.14 AM.png

Proposition 11 has brought out the very blatant view of Union driven anti-private sector bias within the Emergency Medical Services. What the left would have you believe is that this prop was conjured and funded by the pure greed of  those dirty corporations, in actuality its is really the last stand for the private enterprise that makes EMS (yes that includes mom and pop owned businesses). First, it’s always a bad idea to solve labor disputes between businesses and unions with state measured ballots. This proposition is a negotiation from the private companies to the state and unions. While still adhering to the present labor laws set in place, this bill if passed, will in fact force the private entity to require a level of inactivity reasonable for the individuals(crews) to have a lunch uninterrupted, in turn making the company hire more workers resulting in that that level of inactivity. So in reality it will not help big corporations such as AMR etc. instead it is a double edged sword to halt what lies next for them. The abolition of Private owned services in the Medical field as a whole.

Private companies are cornered by state legislation and union driven policies that almost but eliminate competition with county owned services. Policies such as Obamacare (as an example of government intervention) already leaves a huge opening for the abuse of 911 systems, forcing privately owned companies to either take the blow or accept government grants in order to get by. All the while county and state owned entities have unlimited funding through the American taxpayer. Why would these privately owned business want to owe millions to the same entity that's actively trying to run them into the ground and on top of that lower the morale of the workforce that brings them substantial income? The answer is they don’t. They are in a chokehold by unions and state regulation forcing the individual out and to hand over labor to the collective good causing lower standard of performance and product. There is an old saying “It's good enough for government work” thus exclaiming private ownership proves more quality. Yes it is true these companies have invested millions into Proposition 11 and why shouldn't they? Unions would have you believe it's to screw you over just so they can save a buck. Yeah, they dump millions just to screw you, the person making them money. What no one wants to talk about is by the same token so much more money has been spent by the corrupt politicians who fund the unions opposing it. As it seems currently, there is no reasoning with this bourgeois sympathetic culture of misinformed voters. What needs to change is the Legislature regulating and funding the healthcare system as a whole which directly affects Emergency Medical Service employees and their lack of downtime. If EMS employees thought they were getting ran now, just wait until the proposition gets voted down.

For people who actually want to read the Proposition in its entirety:



September 18th 2018

By Drew Ybarra

i did not consent.png

   Is California so radically left leaning they have started “misplacing” voter information? Is it coincidental, that it has happened the year California has the biggest chance of turning almost completely red? This year on June 5th, Voters across the state took part in their American duty to elect new state officials. Which is great, if the people were able to actually place their vote. In the Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties there has been reports of over 118,000+ people who could not vote due to an “error in the printing”. The error resulting in all of these potential Voters names to not show up at the polls themselves. Many were either turned away or told to fill out a replacement ballot, which in many circumstances will not be counted until after the election is over. What is most shocking about this situation is the minor press it has caught. At the time, only one media outlet [FOX News] had covered this massive slip up. Even with the rising numbers of people who are being vocal about this infringement on our freedom, California at the moment has no intention to revote or investigate this issue. What the American people need to do is be vocal on this issue and take action. We need to let the State government know that we are here and just because there was an error on their part, it needs to be solved or the breakdown of this state will eventually occur. It almost seems as if that is the end game here, what with damn near open border immigration along with the mass importation of refugees. California officials stated they are investigating what or who exactly caused the error resulting in the people's loss of choice. Yeah, another one of those  “We investigated ourselves and found nothing” situations. As a result, the individual needs to take responsibility for his or her freedoms and protect them at all costs. Your choice is what ultimately makes you. Don't let the state seize that too.

                            It is now September 2018 and there is still no resolve to this corrupt election outcome, leaving the rest of the state in a permanent question, while demonstrating blatant negligence of the individual to the nation. With this great error due to our state government, 118,000 people did not receive a say in any new laws passed, immigration policies enacted, or Politicians chosen. These people did not consent. These people are the voiceless, and now tossed aside like trash because of a “system error”. As once the strongest state in the union, California has delved deep within this leftist push for collectivism and Social destruction.

For more info:


Is it Ethical to practice Conservative Ideology in today's society?

September 16th, 2018

By Drew Ybarra

To be Conservative, the political philosophy promoting and retaining traditional and social institutions in the form of culture and civilization. How has this philosophy impact the lives of every citizen in the United States of America? All one would have to do is examine the United States Constitution. The document securing not only the individuals personal but also property rights. This document is upheld not only by the United States Military but also the American people for over 200 years. The mere fact it is still around represents the cultural and civil significance of today's society.

What about when talking about global impact? How has Conservative philosophy affected the world?

History, has been heavily influenced by Conservative minds from all reaches of the earth. Not only economically but politically as well. One great thinker that is of utmost value is that of John Locke. English Philosopher and physician, Locke no doubt had a huge influence in the indoctrination of the United States Declaration of Independence. With his Social Contract Theory or Political Contract Theory, Locke engages in the questions of the origin of society along with the legitimacy of the authority of the state over the individual. He found that in order for the state to grow exceedingly, the citizens were forced to surrender certain freedoms in exchange for protection of their remaining. This at the time was radical thinking, truly setting the course for revolution and independence in the west. Taking heed to Locke's social contract theory Friedrich Hayek Austrian-British Economist and philosopher, induced the concept of Price Signaling. A key fragment in the free market enterprise, Hayek recognized that many other factors take part and make up the price of the product. Thus giving the customer control over supply and demand. Appointed member of the Order of the Companions of honour by Queen Elizabeth II in 1984 and awarded the Nobel prize, Friedrich Hayek's advancements on global economics are unprecedented.

One of the earliest Conservative minds to shape western culture as we know it is Alexander Hamilton. Known as one of the founding fathers of the United States of America, Hamilton was the first secretary of treasury and head author of economic policies under the George Washington administration. The Conservative mindset of the senior aide to the first president of the United States has not changed in regards to strong government and friendly trade relations. The United States currency was once the most valuable on the planet as a result of Hamilton's trade policies, helping shape America into the economic powerhouse it is today. All of these philosophers, economists, and political figureheads directly affect the education, cultural studies, and political relations of the Occident.

What about when faced with Liberalism?

In regarding today's form of modern Liberalism, the agenda being pursued is no doubt in direct opposition to prior Conservative authorities in past political positions. With movements such as the radical feminists and Black Lives Matter, there is an escalation of social and racial division. The Liberals of the modern day openly practice and preach Socialism. An ideology which naturally progresses to Communism, it's responsible for the death of over 90 million people and will stop at nothing to destroy the Free Market along with its rivaled Conservative values. Many Liberals today also actively engage in protest and anarchy. The comparison between Liberalism and Conservatism is unparalleled in the Conservatives practice to uphold traditional values and societal well being, while Liberalism almost always issues a consistent level of violence relating in heavy civilian casualties. Not to mention the complete uprooting of a nation's core beliefs.

In today's society, we have a party of Republicans who call themselves Conservative which they might be socially, but are left leaning on the political aspect. Such examples include Tax reform, Gun control, National Healthcare, and Immigration. Unfortunately, Conservatives who lean majority right both socially and politically have had their voices silenced with such accusations as Racists, Homophobes, and even Bigots. What no one wants to bring to light is that our freedom of speech protected by the First Amendment is being deconstructed by the very people practicing its very purpose. No Political Ideology should ever be worshipped but with both sides escalating to radical behavior, if political or social revolution were to occur, the way society views the wealthy and Conservative philosophy the revolution itself will undoubtedly mirror the horrors brought about by the French Revolution. Not only is it moral to practice Conservatism due to its upholding of civil and political virtue, it is necessary to the smallest minority a society can know, the individual.



September 12th, 2018

By Drew Ybarra

            As if the mass number of Acid attacks across Europe weren’t enough, there have now been reports released by the FBI to earlier this year stating that there are multiple radical Islamist training camps/comunes currently active across the United States and Canada. These Tusken Raiders have been around much longer than you would have expected, given the first report by the FBI is dated back to November 27th, 2009. In the Document the FBI labels Muslims of America (MOA) or Fuqra as “armed and dangerous” expressing their violent extremist past and history of terrorism. The groups leader Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani is said to have ties to al-Qaeda along with being active out of Pakistan. Another FBI document dating back to 2003 states:

“The MOA [Fuqra] is composed primarily of black American Muslim converts, many who converted to Islam while in prison. Many MOA members reside in rural communities (jamaats) to live and worship free from non-Muslim influence.

The MOA jamaats are located on land that has been privately owned or rented by members. Each jamaat usually has numerous trailers where members reside, a mosque, and a guard post, some with armed guards, at the entrance to the properties. These communities, similar to commune type facilities, have women and children residing in them with the children being homeschooled.

Organized training is also conducted to include weapons training, tactics, hand-to-hand combat, rappelling, and live-fire exercises.”

           Does this sound familiar? Does the State of New Mexico come to mind when reading this spine chilling information? It should. These Documents were released at the beginning of 2018 in January with almost no Mainstream Media coverage, but that's not surprising when the same outlets are too busy soiling themselves over the mere fact Donald J. Trump is President of the United States. Now in September after connecting the dots, and after a child was found dead in one of these Islamic compounds (which no one was tried for) we are starting to see an uprise of Islamic sympathy and influence across the nation and the world. With accusations such as “Islamophobe” being thrown at anyone who dares speak the truth about Islam's barbaric ways. But, let's say for argument's sake that this compound in New Mexico had no connection to MOA, Fuqra has a dozen “jamaats” in North America and claim 22 Islamic villages in The United States alone. The locations of these training camps reside in the states of Texas, Michigan, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and the most popular “Islamberg” in upstate New York. Yet the Media is silent on this issue. They will continue to be silent until another mass shooting occurs or god forbid another attack occurs on U.S. soil.

           FBI reports from 2003-2007 during an investigation in texas state that MOA [Fuqra] now have the infrastructure and pull into planning and mounting terrorist campaigns overseas and in the United States. The reason these ingrates are allowed to legally operate internationally is because it is not designated as a Foreign Terrorist Organization by the state department. The U.S. Treasury hasn't even placed sanctions on the MOA overseas entities or Leaders. This means Fuqra is active right underneath our noses, observing patiently. Unfortunately thanks to our friends on the left, Fuqra now even has platform to run on as Tahirah Amatul-Wadud, general counsel of Fuqra is now running for congress in massachusetts. We the People of the United States need to be Vigilant in the times ahead

For more info:

After Tony's "F#$k Trump" tantrum, DeNiro get spanked by President Trump

Robert DeNiro, Hollywood's most infamous "one-trick-pony," hasn't made a good movie in years.  How many times can one watch the same guy deliver the same "tough guy" performance in EVERY SINGLE FILM.  That's why you have to be "in the mood" for DeNiro.  He's certainly not good enough to sit there and watch him throw epithets at the President and everyone who voted for him.  He's just not that convincing.

Robert DeNiro, Hollywood most infamous "one-trick-pony" hasn't made a good movie in years.  How many times can one watch the same guy deliver the same performance in EVERY SINGLE FILM.  That's why you have to be "in the mood for DeNiro."  He's certainly not good enough to sit there and watch him throw epithets at the President and everyone who voted for him.

It's the cheapest kind of laugh that one only goes for when they are gradually losing relevance and can't think of a better way to get attention than to smear the one person who is popular to smear.  Notice the "clapping seals"? DeNiro wouldn't be so crude at an NRA Convention.  After all, you rarely see a DeNiro movie where he isn't blowing someones head off with a fancy mobster gun.  

But Trump punched back, and the Covfefe is cascading down DeNiro's cheeks in a way he never expected.  (Italian mobster voice) "You mess with the bull, you get the horns."

I wouldn't be surprised if the top search on google today were "What is Robert DeNiro's IQ?"  Too bad for DeNiro.  The backlash has been electric.  Lifelong fans are tossing their DeNiro paraphernalia and saying goodbye to his movies.  No dyed in the wool American wants to watch his gangster movies while imagining DeNiro sucking his thumb in a safe space.

Slightly Offens*ve Man on the Street gets philosophical.

Slightly Offens*ve Elijah Schaffer, has stormed California with a brilliant, yet diabolical plan to defeat the Left; he asks them just the right questions in just the right order. Asking liberals the right questions is dangerous.  The right questions will short circuit the liberal mind by illustrating their contradictory thoughts; bursting blood vessels may ensue. 

The Socratic Method will get anyone to reveal much more than they want to. It shrinks the rhetorical loopholes that sophists use to justify irrational and violent beliefs; it's the mark of a true philosopher.  Slightly Offens*ve has taken his questions to the streets of LA.  I won't give anything away, but if you want to crush liberal sophistry, and possibly convince some liberals to not be completely insane, subscribe to his YouTube channel and learn from this guy! 


Slightly Offens*ve Elijah Schaffer joined me on an episode of The Disgruntled Millennial Podcast.

Interviews with political figures Joy Villa, An0maly, and Fleccas Talks at the March for Our Rights in LA.

If Leftists treated Leftists like they treat Conservatives...

For quite some time, Liberals have been trying to get rid of Roseanne Barr for the crime of thinking for herself.  They tried it with Kanye and it didn’t work. I suppose Kanye isn’t “white enough” to continue a sustained assault on his character as they have done to Roseanne and our fearless, media-melting President Trump.

In a fit of frantic virtue signaling, every mainstream media outlet and Hollywood A,B,C & D-Lister lambasted Roseanne as a racist bigot for pointing out that Valerie Jarret looks like her plastic surgeon went on a Planet of the Apes binge before he chopped her face up and put it back together....surgically.  

Roseanne's Controversial / Benign Tweet

Roseanne's Controversial / Benign Tweet

There was also a reference to the Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist organization in which Valerie Jarret is intimately involved.  That part of the tweet is also true.  Leftists are focusing on the Planet of the Apes part of the tweet to distract from the fact that Obama had terrorist sympathizer in the top levels of government for 8 years.  That's another story entirely.

Roseannes off-color humor has been widely known for decades, and most well-known Hollywood comedians have made millions by telling racially-charged, controversial jokes.  The very best from Richard Pryor to George Carlin are guilty, by Leftist standards.  

Roseanne got the shaft because she is a famous outspoken Trump Supporter and therefore she is dangerous to the Lefts narrative.  Their plan: distract the public with charges of racism so no one focuses on the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood has intimate ties with Obama's tops government officials.

Therefore, Roseanne must be destroyed.

Ironically, Roseanne (like President Trump) identified as Democrat for most of her life.  It's only when their politically leanings moved slightly to the right, did Leftist begin the process of demonization and ostracization.

I don't believe the Tweet to be racially charged.  I believe she was referring to Valerie Jarret's mangled, Botox face.  The resemblance to Planet of the Apes is striking. Was it funny? Meh.  Was it true? Pretty much, especially the bit about the Muslim Brotherhood. Was it racist? That's a stretch.  Was it proof that Roseanne is a dyed in the wool bigot?  HELL NO.

Valerie Jarret next to the Original Planet of the Apes.  The resemblance is amazing.

Valerie Jarret next to the Original Planet of the Apes.  The resemblance is amazing.

That being said, SO WHAT if the tweet was racially charged?  Let's not pretend that racism is beneath Leftists.  Leftists have no problem invoking White Privilege and White Supremacy.  They continue to blame the worlds problems on White Westerners.   Pretending that Hatred of White people isn't racism is a gross misuse of words.  Let's also not pretend that Leftists are too "moral" to use primate imagery to describe political opponents. 

Bill Maher compares Trump to a primate.  His show was not canceled.

Bill Maher compares Trump to a primate.  His show was not canceled.

Leftist have never been against using primate imagery to describe their political opponents

Leftist have never been against using primate imagery to describe their political opponents

That said, Rap music is partly defined by it's use of the word "Nigga" and Leftist comedians invoke Race ALL THE TIME.  The Lefts fake outrage and refusal to self-examine is all too indicative of a staggering hypocrisy.  Why not just cut to the chase and ban the Planet of the Apes franchise altogether? Better yet, why not remove all references to primates from Human Existence?


The reaction from the Left was as if Roseanne had done a photoshoot while holding a mock version of the Presidents bloody, decapitated head.  Yet when Kathy Griffin did exactly that, Leftists cheered "It's Free Speech," "It's modern art," "If you criticize Kathy Griffin, you're a sexist who wants to put women back in the kitchen."  "WAGE GAP! WAGE GAP! TRUMPS A SEXIST!"

Kathy Griffin's Photoshoot with the President

Kathy Griffin's Photoshoot with the President

Just imagine the outrage if Roseanne had done a photoshoot with Obamas bloody decapitated head.  I imagine the outrage would have been the exactly same as with her Tweet:  Media pile-on, call her a racist, fake outrage and attempt to destroy her life.  

The Leftist inability to measure and temper their reactions in cases like this is exactly why the "Race Card" has lost it's potency.  Leftist are going ape-shit over a few alphanumeric characters on a Social Media App.  "Crying Race" over everything, even situations that have nothing to with Race, has backfired in a delicious way.  People are waking up to Leftist bully tactics and they're not impressed.

Double Standard

Did Conservatives claim that Kathy Griffin hates men, since Donald Trump happens to be a male? No.  That would be absurd.  So why do Leftist think Roseanne was being racist when she used primate imagery to describe a individual who happens to be black-ish and happens to resemble a Hollywood science fiction Primate?  The answer: they don't think Roseanne is Racist any more than they consider themselves racist.  Roseanne leans to the right, therefore she must be destroyed by any means necessary.

Since were on the subject of faux-outrage...let's play a little thought experiment.  From here on out, pretend I'm a Leftist as I describe these videos from other Comedians.  This ought to paint a pretty picture as to how Leftists mangle the truth by putting words in other peoples mouths.

Here we go:

George Carlin calls Black People "Niggers."

Hollywood Comedians say that ALL women are "repugnant hatchet faced bitches," "truck-stop transvestite whores," and that women should "kill themselves."

Trey Parker and Matt Stone:  Black People are "Spades" and "AIDS is a Gay Disease"

Louis CK calls Black people, "NIGGERS,"  Homosexuals, "FAGGOTS" and Women "CUNTS."

I think I've made my point.

David Hogg doesn't deserve our attention; but ridiculing him is just too fun!

Let's face it; he brought it on himself.

David Hogg, whose yearbook superlative is "Most Likely To Receive Multiple Wedgies Throughout Life," begged to be hoisted up the flagpole by hosting a "Die-In" at the Parkland Publix, no doubt a place where spoiled Parkland youths wouldn't usually be caught dead, as most Parkland youths shop Organic at Whole Foods with daddy's credit card.  

A "die-in" is yet another form of Leftist Flash Mob Protest that attempts to bully companies into financial submission, by blocking traffic and annoying customers.  In this case, they're blocking hungry shoppers from feeding their families (for a bunch of Globalist Proto-Commies, trying to starve people for "the common good" is a little on the nose, don't you think?)  Similar to Black Live Matter Riots, Women's March Mobs, Antifa Extravaganzas and March for Our Lives Hecklers, the die-in is a form of economic warfare.  Ironically, these children have never wanted for anything in their lives; certainly not for food and sustenance.  It's only fitting they'd stage their shenanigans at a grocery store.  Grocery stores marvelous hubs of unfettered Capitalism.

The sad part is the Publix, as a company, has participated in philanthropic endeavors for decades.  They participate in almost every worthy cause under the Sun and surprisingly donate to BOTH Liberal AND Conservative causes.  They are fair, balanced and have made food affordable to millions of Americans in the South Eastern Region decade after decade. As a result of David Hoggs ridiculous stunt, Publix is reevaluating it's extra-feduciary activities; all of them, even the Liberal ones.

Hogg, and the medias obsession with prepubescent children who think they know know to write policy, has sparked an onslaught of meme warfare and other bits of hilarity scattered throughout the web.  The Second Amendment isn't going anywhere, but if David Hoggs underwear come up missing, the first place one should look is up the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Flagpole.