Much Needed Clarification: The Free Market vs. Unions

The Free Market vs. Unions

November 1st, 2018

By Drew Ybarra

            This generation has fallen for the oldest lie in the collectivist handbook, that the workforce owns the product of their own labor. With this notion it leaves open the room for abuse not only from the misinformed employee, but also the employer as well. Putting to rest the ability and rewards of a free market practice. Through a series of State/ Government intervention, we see the rise of policies reflecting in the Marxist theory that an economic stance should be determined by to each according to one's abilities, to each according to one's needs. Sounds good right? You get only what you need, and work only according to your abilities. Everyone should be set and taken care of. Except whenever put into motion in an economic system (which is always radically uprooted and replaced forcefully) Marxist theory has always ended up with the state completely seizing the means of labor, production, and even personal liberties. This is achieved through the people willingly giving up their god given rights and means of protection while exercising their powers to the evil Capitalists by forming Organized Unions funded and backed by the state. Once the Unions have strong-armed the Private entity to do virtually whatever they want, this is when the state effectively seizes what it wants either by force or eliminating competition altogether. It is the same for these forced association Unions that are steadily trying to dominate the American economy. What is most noticeable is the growing support for this collective tool. Through indoctrination and mob mentality, Unions have been systematically burned into our social fabric of the workforce to feel “safe” and “protected” by the State against the dirty corporations exploiting the collective good. What everyone fails to explain is how these Unions operate and how they ultimately drive down productivity along with dissolving what's left of the consumer basis. Unions operate like that of cartels. More exactly, a Unions functions are beneficial to members at the expense of non-members making this exclusive power inherently all or none. Union members get above-market wages, only if they can convince the populace to not accept lower wages, in turn eliminating the supply of labor. This is a Union's primary purpose, which is why it can’t work unless it's forced while excluding competition altogether. Therefore it can't be beneficial to the “worker” unless Unionized. Another example of how Unions operate similarly to Cartels is the suppression of productivity. With this information, it is safe to say that through these actions, prices for goods to the consumer will rise. An example of this is mandating wage pay scales. When a business is forced to pay its employees more, it will raise the prices on goods naturally to level out to meet the stability of the economy. This is done purposely to adhere to the state for reliance and/ or compensation through insurance or funding. This is why there are so many left-leaning politicians who sponsor or donate heavily to Unions all across the world. With these blatant socialist actions, one can realize how it corrodes the fabric of our economic system while spreading their collective propaganda just to punish the Free Market. Individualism is slowly being diminished by the state-backed Unions and it directly affects our everyday lives. From the Post Office to Emergency Medical Services, Unions have their grip on the working class people. What Unions and the people have a problem with is profit itself. Profit, the entire reason and basis for voluntary trade among humans. When taking a step back through this revelation it seems that the underlying dilemma is the growing desire to abolish private property as a whole concept. This is the fundamental point of Marxism/ Communism. This is why Unions are socialist by nature. A unionization of the working people to overthrow the Private means of production. With the stance of doing what's best for the collective good, it ultimately destroys the collective good entirely. Well forcing itself upon you with a hand in your pocket, Unions are not meant for the well being of the Working people, instead, it uses the masses to gain a position of power over business itself. Free Market values are what will combat these motives. Not only through a voluntary basis of operations, but the privatization of business and production. What does it say about a system that obtains people with low positions either in a business or a country and promises them equal distributed wealth but never prevails? As opposed to a system that requires self-motivation and competition to better a product, and with great proof throughout history a better society. As it seems both through Unions and government, it is always an attractive idea to do good at someone else's expense.