David Hogg doesn't deserve our attention; but ridiculing him is just too fun!

Let's face it; he brought it on himself.

David Hogg, whose yearbook superlative is "Most Likely To Receive Multiple Wedgies Throughout Life," begged to be hoisted up the flagpole by hosting a "Die-In" at the Parkland Publix, no doubt a place where spoiled Parkland youths wouldn't usually be caught dead, as most Parkland youths shop Organic at Whole Foods with daddy's credit card.  

A "die-in" is yet another form of Leftist Flash Mob Protest that attempts to bully companies into financial submission, by blocking traffic and annoying customers.  In this case, they're blocking hungry shoppers from feeding their families (for a bunch of Globalist Proto-Commies, trying to starve people for "the common good" is a little on the nose, don't you think?)  Similar to Black Live Matter Riots, Women's March Mobs, Antifa Extravaganzas and March for Our Lives Hecklers, the die-in is a form of economic warfare.  Ironically, these children have never wanted for anything in their lives; certainly not for food and sustenance.  It's only fitting they'd stage their shenanigans at a grocery store.  Grocery stores marvelous hubs of unfettered Capitalism.

The sad part is the Publix, as a company, has participated in philanthropic endeavors for decades.  They participate in almost every worthy cause under the Sun and surprisingly donate to BOTH Liberal AND Conservative causes.  They are fair, balanced and have made food affordable to millions of Americans in the South Eastern Region decade after decade. As a result of David Hoggs ridiculous stunt, Publix is reevaluating it's extra-feduciary activities; all of them, even the Liberal ones.

Hogg, and the medias obsession with prepubescent children who think they know know to write policy, has sparked an onslaught of meme warfare and other bits of hilarity scattered throughout the web.  The Second Amendment isn't going anywhere, but if David Hoggs underwear come up missing, the first place one should look is up the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Flagpole.

Brett Segal

Brett Segal is the founder of Disgruntled Generation, the host of The Disgruntled Millennial Podcast and the co-founder of Segal Brothers Productions, a full service audio and video production company.