Slightly Offens*ve Man on the Street gets philosophical.

Slightly Offens*ve Elijah Schaffer, has stormed California with a brilliant, yet diabolical plan to defeat the Left; he asks them just the right questions in just the right order. Asking liberals the right questions is dangerous.  The right questions will short circuit the liberal mind by illustrating their contradictory thoughts; bursting blood vessels may ensue. 

The Socratic Method will get anyone to reveal much more than they want to. It shrinks the rhetorical loopholes that sophists use to justify irrational and violent beliefs; it's the mark of a true philosopher.  Slightly Offens*ve has taken his questions to the streets of LA.  I won't give anything away, but if you want to crush liberal sophistry, and possibly convince some liberals to not be completely insane, subscribe to his YouTube channel and learn from this guy! 


Slightly Offens*ve Elijah Schaffer joined me on an episode of The Disgruntled Millennial Podcast.

Interviews with political figures Joy Villa, An0maly, and Fleccas Talks at the March for Our Rights in LA.

Brett Segal

Brett Segal is the founder of Disgruntled Generation, the host of The Disgruntled Millennial Podcast and the co-founder of Segal Brothers Productions, a full service audio and video production company.