September 13th, 2018

By Drew Ybarra


  What do you get when you mix open border policy with a massive welfare state? The answer is economic suicide. The blatant disregard for the American taxpayer is quite alarming especially when the federal tax rate is already pushing 40%. We the people of the United States of America would be funding the care and housing of these illegals who came here to this country unannounced and without notice. While there should be compassion for the children being separated from their parents due to immigration policies, the American people have to realize compassion does not come from the government. Instead if the individual wants to Grant illegals health care and education, it has to be on voluntary basis. Their choices and troubles should not affect the citizens of this great nation. Eventually, the parents of the children being separated will have to take responsibility for the choices of crossing the border illegally instead of pleading for Asylum at the actual border station. Many of these instances include child separation and were documented as either child trafficking or kidnapping.

“Over 301 children were brought to the Border either with a random adult or in most cases with an adult that was drugged out or untrustworthy.”

                                                 - US border control and Immigration Services.

                             With all of the uproar about the situation at the border, President Trump signed an executive Bill keeping families together once detained. As expected, the Left, along with MSM have construed the narrative saying it was because of Trump's policies that the number of children were being ripped away upon arrival to the U.S. In actuality, this was a Democrat policy put into law in 1996 under the Clinton Administration, was enacted in 2008 for its intended purpose under the Bush Administration, and was reinforced by the Obama Administration in 2014 and 2016. In fact, half of the photos of illegal immigrants being kept in fenced off cages were from 2014. Yet even with all the facts laid out, the Left is still choosing to play the race card while labeling Trump and his supporters as racists. There is nothing racist about detaining and deporting individuals who are not supposed to be in the country, in many cases that includes repeated offenders making them actual felons. California specifically has instances of undocumented people obtaining identification cards and driver's licenses then proceed to apply and get accepted by the state to collect welfare, unemployment, and even EBT. And who foots the bill like always? The American taxpayer.

                            While the Mainstream Media continues to normalize the constant influx of illegals passing over our border, Arizona citizens are caught in the middle of an invasion at their southern border. Security footage recorded by a local Rancher captured what we have been fearing for a good while now. The footage shows heavily armed Cartel members transporting what looks to be pounds and pounds of gear and rifles mounted on horses over the mexico border and into the U.S. across 50,000 acres of land without incident. Luckily the owner of the land had no confrontation with these invaders, it shows how much danger is really in our backyards already. As the footage shows illegals pouring in literally by the dozens, citizens around the local area have urged the local government and even the Federal government to crack down on unwanted foreigners. Jim Chilton, owner of the Ranch, has taken his security into his own hands stating he carries a rifle with him whenever out tending to the cattle to

“ward off the drug smugglers who encroach on his land.”

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