Is it Ethical to practice Conservative Ideology in today's society?

September 16th, 2018

By Drew Ybarra

To be Conservative, the political philosophy promoting and retaining traditional and social institutions in the form of culture and civilization. How has this philosophy impact the lives of every citizen in the United States of America? All one would have to do is examine the United States Constitution. The document securing not only the individuals personal but also property rights. This document is upheld not only by the United States Military but also the American people for over 200 years. The mere fact it is still around represents the cultural and civil significance of today's society.

What about when talking about global impact? How has Conservative philosophy affected the world?

History, has been heavily influenced by Conservative minds from all reaches of the earth. Not only economically but politically as well. One great thinker that is of utmost value is that of John Locke. English Philosopher and physician, Locke no doubt had a huge influence in the indoctrination of the United States Declaration of Independence. With his Social Contract Theory or Political Contract Theory, Locke engages in the questions of the origin of society along with the legitimacy of the authority of the state over the individual. He found that in order for the state to grow exceedingly, the citizens were forced to surrender certain freedoms in exchange for protection of their remaining. This at the time was radical thinking, truly setting the course for revolution and independence in the west. Taking heed to Locke's social contract theory Friedrich Hayek Austrian-British Economist and philosopher, induced the concept of Price Signaling. A key fragment in the free market enterprise, Hayek recognized that many other factors take part and make up the price of the product. Thus giving the customer control over supply and demand. Appointed member of the Order of the Companions of honour by Queen Elizabeth II in 1984 and awarded the Nobel prize, Friedrich Hayek's advancements on global economics are unprecedented.

One of the earliest Conservative minds to shape western culture as we know it is Alexander Hamilton. Known as one of the founding fathers of the United States of America, Hamilton was the first secretary of treasury and head author of economic policies under the George Washington administration. The Conservative mindset of the senior aide to the first president of the United States has not changed in regards to strong government and friendly trade relations. The United States currency was once the most valuable on the planet as a result of Hamilton's trade policies, helping shape America into the economic powerhouse it is today. All of these philosophers, economists, and political figureheads directly affect the education, cultural studies, and political relations of the Occident.

What about when faced with Liberalism?

In regarding today's form of modern Liberalism, the agenda being pursued is no doubt in direct opposition to prior Conservative authorities in past political positions. With movements such as the radical feminists and Black Lives Matter, there is an escalation of social and racial division. The Liberals of the modern day openly practice and preach Socialism. An ideology which naturally progresses to Communism, it's responsible for the death of over 90 million people and will stop at nothing to destroy the Free Market along with its rivaled Conservative values. Many Liberals today also actively engage in protest and anarchy. The comparison between Liberalism and Conservatism is unparalleled in the Conservatives practice to uphold traditional values and societal well being, while Liberalism almost always issues a consistent level of violence relating in heavy civilian casualties. Not to mention the complete uprooting of a nation's core beliefs.

In today's society, we have a party of Republicans who call themselves Conservative which they might be socially, but are left leaning on the political aspect. Such examples include Tax reform, Gun control, National Healthcare, and Immigration. Unfortunately, Conservatives who lean majority right both socially and politically have had their voices silenced with such accusations as Racists, Homophobes, and even Bigots. What no one wants to bring to light is that our freedom of speech protected by the First Amendment is being deconstructed by the very people practicing its very purpose. No Political Ideology should ever be worshipped but with both sides escalating to radical behavior, if political or social revolution were to occur, the way society views the wealthy and Conservative philosophy the revolution itself will undoubtedly mirror the horrors brought about by the French Revolution. Not only is it moral to practice Conservatism due to its upholding of civil and political virtue, it is necessary to the smallest minority a society can know, the individual.