September 18th 2018

By Drew Ybarra

i did not consent.png

   Is California so radically left leaning they have started “misplacing” voter information? Is it coincidental, that it has happened the year California has the biggest chance of turning almost completely red? This year on June 5th, Voters across the state took part in their American duty to elect new state officials. Which is great, if the people were able to actually place their vote. In the Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties there has been reports of over 118,000+ people who could not vote due to an “error in the printing”. The error resulting in all of these potential Voters names to not show up at the polls themselves. Many were either turned away or told to fill out a replacement ballot, which in many circumstances will not be counted until after the election is over. What is most shocking about this situation is the minor press it has caught. At the time, only one media outlet [FOX News] had covered this massive slip up. Even with the rising numbers of people who are being vocal about this infringement on our freedom, California at the moment has no intention to revote or investigate this issue. What the American people need to do is be vocal on this issue and take action. We need to let the State government know that we are here and just because there was an error on their part, it needs to be solved or the breakdown of this state will eventually occur. It almost seems as if that is the end game here, what with damn near open border immigration along with the mass importation of refugees. California officials stated they are investigating what or who exactly caused the error resulting in the people's loss of choice. Yeah, another one of those  “We investigated ourselves and found nothing” situations. As a result, the individual needs to take responsibility for his or her freedoms and protect them at all costs. Your choice is what ultimately makes you. Don't let the state seize that too.

                            It is now September 2018 and there is still no resolve to this corrupt election outcome, leaving the rest of the state in a permanent question, while demonstrating blatant negligence of the individual to the nation. With this great error due to our state government, 118,000 people did not receive a say in any new laws passed, immigration policies enacted, or Politicians chosen. These people did not consent. These people are the voiceless, and now tossed aside like trash because of a “system error”. As once the strongest state in the union, California has delved deep within this leftist push for collectivism and Social destruction.

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