The True Conservative Outlook on Proposition 11

September 28th, 2018

By Drew Ybarra

Screenshot 2018-09-29 at 12.41.14 AM.png

Proposition 11 has brought out the very blatant view of Union driven anti-private sector bias within the Emergency Medical Services. What the left would have you believe is that this prop was conjured and funded by the pure greed of  those dirty corporations, in actuality its is really the last stand for the private enterprise that makes EMS (yes that includes mom and pop owned businesses). First, it’s always a bad idea to solve labor disputes between businesses and unions with state measured ballots. This proposition is a negotiation from the private companies to the state and unions. While still adhering to the present labor laws set in place, this bill if passed, will in fact force the private entity to require a level of inactivity reasonable for the individuals(crews) to have a lunch uninterrupted, in turn making the company hire more workers resulting in that that level of inactivity. So in reality it will not help big corporations such as AMR etc. instead it is a double edged sword to halt what lies next for them. The abolition of Private owned services in the Medical field as a whole.

Private companies are cornered by state legislation and union driven policies that almost but eliminate competition with county owned services. Policies such as Obamacare (as an example of government intervention) already leaves a huge opening for the abuse of 911 systems, forcing privately owned companies to either take the blow or accept government grants in order to get by. All the while county and state owned entities have unlimited funding through the American taxpayer. Why would these privately owned business want to owe millions to the same entity that's actively trying to run them into the ground and on top of that lower the morale of the workforce that brings them substantial income? The answer is they don’t. They are in a chokehold by unions and state regulation forcing the individual out and to hand over labor to the collective good causing lower standard of performance and product. There is an old saying “It's good enough for government work” thus exclaiming private ownership proves more quality. Yes it is true these companies have invested millions into Proposition 11 and why shouldn't they? Unions would have you believe it's to screw you over just so they can save a buck. Yeah, they dump millions just to screw you, the person making them money. What no one wants to talk about is by the same token so much more money has been spent by the corrupt politicians who fund the unions opposing it. As it seems currently, there is no reasoning with this bourgeois sympathetic culture of misinformed voters. What needs to change is the Legislature regulating and funding the healthcare system as a whole which directly affects Emergency Medical Service employees and their lack of downtime. If EMS employees thought they were getting ran now, just wait until the proposition gets voted down.

For people who actually want to read the Proposition in its entirety: