The Conservative Latina & Adriana Jade | The Insidious Bigotry of Liberalism

The Conservative Latina & Adryana Jade discuss Immigration, Hollywood, #WalkAway, Feminism, Citizenship, La Raza and much more in a roundtable discussion.

Slightly Offensive meets Highly Offensive | Independence Day Special

The DM and Slightly Offensive host Elijah Schaffer discuss American exceptionalism, Independence Day, Leftist anti-culture, Capitalism vs. Socialism, Imperialism, Native Americans, and the Benevolent USA.

Anni Cyrus | Islamization of America, Muslim politicians, Quran, Hadith, taqiyya and Feminism.

Anni Cyrus, ex-child-bride and Social Media Director for American Truth Project, joins to discuss the islamization of America, Muslim politicians, Quran, Hadith, taqiyya and Feminism.

Jesse Lee Peterson | Do you love White People?

Jesse Lee Peterson and I discuss race, racism (or lacktherof), Jim Crow, gender, God, Rebuilding the Man, relationships and The Great White Hope.

-Recent interview on CRTV w/ Gavin McInnes on how Dems control blacks:

-Here’s a recent debate Jesse had with Piers Morgan about Kanye West and mental slavery:

-Recent interview he did re immigration with a representative from Border Angels:

-Man on the street interviews in the hood asking black people if they love President Trump:

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Arthur Schaper | Trump, Immigration, Leftist Lunacy, and tactics for defeating the Left

Town Hall columnist, Arthur Schaper, joins the show to discuss the unfolding immigration debate, Nazi's, RINOs, "Separating families", media bias, and tactics to defeat the America hating nutjobs on the Left.

Aaron Bandler | Trump ≠ Hitler, Immigration, Anti-Semitism and Media Bias